Unswervingly follow the party and forge ahead hand in hand in the new era: the launching ceremony of the "concentric" practice base of the Iron-Technology...

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In order to carry out in-depth political handover theme education of "unswervingly follow the party and forge ahead hand in hand for a new era", on July 27, the second and third branches of the Suzhou Industrial Park of the Peasants and Workers' Party held a third quarter coordination meeting at Dushu Alliance. At the same time, Suzhou Iron- The party branch of Technolog Co., Ltd. and the three branches of the Peasants and Workers' Party in Suzhou Industrial Park launched the "Tongxin" practice base and the unveiling ceremony of the "Peasant and Workers' Party Members' Home". The opening of the "Tongxin" practice base will enhance the vitality and effectiveness of the enterprise's party and government work. , to promote high-quality development of enterprises.


Unveiling Ceremony: Promoting Development Together


On the afternoon of the 27th, the Party branch of Suzhou Iron-Technology Co., Ltd. and the three branches of the Suzhou Industrial Park of the Peasants and Workers' Party jointly unveiled the "Home of Peasants and Workers' Party Members", and the "Tongxin" practice base was officially launched.

Previously, the three branches of the Suzhou Industrial Park of the Peasants and Workers’ Party took the initiative to connect with the Suzhou Iron-Technology Co., Ltd. branch of the Communist Party of China to explore the pairing and interactive co-construction mechanism of the Communist Party of China organizations and the grassroots organizations of the democratic parties to find the right breakthrough in serving the development of enterprises and solving the needs of the people. Focus on building a "home for members of the Peasants and Workers Party", going deep into the grassroots, building consensus, providing precise services, and drawing the largest concentric circles.

The construction of the "Home of Party Members of the Peasants and Labor Party" is an important measure to build a working position and strengthen organizational construction, and will play a positive role in stimulating organizational vitality and gathering party members. This unveiling as an opportunity to continuously innovate the form, content and carrier of organizational activities, further strengthen organizational construction, give full play to the role of the party member's home, achieve an organic combination of "construction, management, and use", and build a " "Warm Home" to enhance the cohesion of party members and the centripetal force of the organization. ; At the same time, it promotes the effective implementation of multi-party cooperation at the grassroots level and provides useful exploration of theory, system, and practice.







Business inspection: innovation ensures development

Members of the second and third branches of the Suzhou Industrial Park of the Peasants and Workers' Party visited the Dushu Alliance exhibition hall under the guidance of the staff.

Dushu Alliance is the first regional independent innovative medical device enterprise alliance in China. It was initiated and established by party members in the field of innovative medical devices. The Dushu Alliance strives to build a platform for party members to communicate with each other, exchange ideas, share information, cooperate in groups, and seek development, and help party members integrate into the trend of national reform and development in all aspects of thought, emotion, and career, and jointly contribute to the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The "Chinese Dream" contributes wisdom and strength.







Discussion and exchange: remain true to our original aspirations and forge ahead together

Members of the second and third branches of the Suzhou Industrial Park of the Peasants and Workers Party studied the education program on the political handover theme of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee of the Peasants and Workers Party, "Follow the Party Unswervingly and Work Hand in Hand for a New Era", shared the branch's characteristic work, and discussed the work plan for the second half of the year; Party members talked freely about their way of joining the party The course, reviewing the original intention, keeping in mind the original intention, and practicing the original intention were studied and exchanged; reviewing the history of multi-party cooperation aims to grasp the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, and actively make suggestions We must gather broad consensus on politics, write a new chapter in the cause of multi-party cooperation in the new era with an indomitable attitude of struggle and an unhindered mental state.

Through this exchange, party members' awareness of party spirit was further sublimated, their ideals were strengthened, and the appeal, cohesion and centripetal force of grassroots party organizations were enhanced.







In recent years, Iron-Technology has continuously strengthened its party building work

Continuously transform the political advantages, organizational advantages and mass work advantages of the party organization into the competitive advantages and development advantages of the enterprise

Effectively promote and deepen the reform of enterprise system

Improve the comprehensive management level of enterprises

Promote high-quality development of enterprises


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