Appearing at the Henan Medical Grand Exhibition, Iron-Technology assisted in the special project of "facilitating outpatient medicine collection" medical service capabilities

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On the morning of July 15, 2022, the Henan Province Ten Major Measures to Improve Medical Services Experience Exchange Forum and Benchmark Unit Award Ceremony hosted by the Henan Provincial Health Commission and co-organized by the Medical and Health Newspaper and Zhengzhou Central Hospital were grandly held at the Yellow River Guesthouse in Zhengzhou. Deans and experts from hundreds of hospitals, including Henan Provincial People's Hospital and Zhengzhou Central Hospital, gathered at the scene to bring a feast of ideas and collisions of talents and perspectives to the medical industry.

Precise appointment services, diversified payment methods, convenient outpatient medicine collection, and normalized telemedicine... Henan Province's ten major measures to improve medical services are taking effect, as demonstrated at this provincial medical event. Suzhou Ailon Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the exhibition as an important participant in improving the convenient service of outpatient drug delivery.




"The introduction of Henan Province's ten major measures to improve medical services is a solemn commitment made by the province's health system to the people of the province. It is a blueprint for high-quality, efficient, convenient and beneficial services drawn up by Henan during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. It is an important shift from improvement to service improvement." Li Hongxing, director of the Medical Administration and Medical Management Division of the Henan Provincial Health Commission, concluded.




At this award ceremony, Zhengzhou Central Hospital, one of Iron-Technology's important customers, was the only benchmark unit to receive the top ten measures to improve medical services in Henan Province. Scanning the QR code and taking medicine may seem simple, but it has transformed medicine from people waiting for medicine to medicine waiting for people. Every step of the change brings a safer and more convenient medical experience to the public. In some medical institutions in Henan, the phenomenon of queuing at registration payment and medicine collection windows has gradually disappeared, and scientific and intelligent diagnosis and treatment services have become a new fashion for Henan people.




Medical services are related to the vital interests of the people, to the national economy and people's livelihood, and to the happiness index of the people. There is no small matter in service, and sincerity is what counts. "There is a long way to go to improve medical services. The province's tertiary hospitals must continue to explore the best medical services with a never-ending concept, and do every detail to facilitate and benefit the people with an attitude of always being on the road. They should take the lead and take the lead. Demonstration. Health administrative departments and medical institutions at all levels always keep in mind the mission of 'all for the people's health'!" Talking about the next step of work, Li Hongxing concluded with sincerity.


In the age of science and technology, how can ordinary people feel the convenience brought by technological progress? The hardness of technology that "explains all achievements, explains all problems, and represents all power" needs to be realized with the practicality and warmth of technology sinking. The empowerment path that takes into account economic benefits, practical effects, benefiting the people, reducing costs, and improving the sense of gain for all is to accelerate the popularization of more high-quality and excellent national equipment that is "affordable and well-used."


With the epidemic fluctuating repeatedly, it is not easy for both organizers and participants to witness a successful conference and exhibition event. Although this event has come to an end, the improvement of medical services will never stop.

As a leader in the intelligentization of medical supplies, Iron-Technology will continue to forge ahead in the future, not forgetting its original intention, popularizing intelligent medical technology, so that more customers can afford and make good use of advanced technology!

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