Iron-Technology was selected as "Top 100 Innovation Private Enterprises in Suzhou in 2023"

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On July 21, the list of "Top 100 Innovative Private Enterprises in Suzhou in 2023" was released, and Iron-Technology won the "Top 100 Innovative Private Enterprises in Suzhou in 2023".



July 21st is Suzhou’s “Entrepreneur Day”, and the Suzhou City Conference on Optimizing the Business Environment and High-Quality Development of the Private Economy was held. The internal expenditure of R&D funds of shortlisted companies in 2022 accounted for an average of 4.57% of sales revenue, and more than 96% of them have provincial R&D institutions above the national level have an average of 131.4 valid invention patents per household.



This conference thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of Jiangsu's important speech, conscientiously implemented the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Promoting the Development and Growth of the Private Economy", vigorously created a strong atmosphere of support and respect for entrepreneurs from the whole society, and helped with a first-class business environment The high-quality development of the private economy has promoted Suzhou to be a good vanguard in the new journey of Chinese-style modernization.


Cao Lubao, secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Li Yaping, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and Zhu Min, chairman of the CPPCC attended the meeting. Huang Aijun, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the event.



Suzhou Ailon Technology Co., Ltd. (688329.SH) focuses on the intelligent management of medical supplies and mainly provides overall solutions for intelligent management of medical supplies to medical service institutions at all levels. It is the first professional enterprise in this industry to be listed on the A-share market. The business includes smart pharmacies, smart wards, and smart logistics. The products cover smart management equipment for medical supplies and software information platforms.


The company has won the titles of "National Specialized, Special and New Little Giant Enterprise", "Jiangsu Province's First Set of Major Equipment", "Jiangsu Province Leading Enterprise in Producer Service Industry", "Suzhou City Core Technology Products", "Top Ten Medical Products for Hospital Construction in China" "Equipment Supplier", "China's Top Ten Scientific and Technological Innovation Awards for Hospital Construction" and other honorary titles, and has been selected into the "Excellent Domestic Medical Equipment Product Catalog" for many times.


As of June 2023, Ailon Technology and its subsidiaries have 452 authorized valid patents and 84 software copyrights, including 185 invention patents. The company has been awarded the "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" and "China Patent Excellence" by the State Intellectual Property Office. Award", "First Prize of Suzhou Patent Award" and other honorary titles.


Ailon Technology relies on the human-computer interaction platform built by the Internet of Things and big data analysis, and uses automated robots, intelligent sensing and other technologies to create "hospital-level" and "one-stop" overall solutions for medical service institutions at all levels. Provide efficient, safe, comprehensive and intelligent medical supplies storage, distribution, management and transmission services, promote medical service institutions at all levels to achieve the three goals of "precise and intelligent distribution, lean logistics services, reasonable and safe use", and help build a comprehensive and effective new Smart medical service system.


The company's products are currently mainly used in the intelligent management of medicines, consumables, and other medical supplies. The main application scenarios are large and medium-sized hospitals, community hospitals, pharmaceutical supply chain service companies, urban central pharmacies, and centralized traditional Chinese medicine decoction centers. At the same time, the company is actively Open up other fields of application.



In 2007, the "rapid dispensing machine" for the rapid dispensing of boxed medicines came out, with 1200, 900, and 600 series respectively!

In 2013, the "high-speed dispensing machine" for dispensing traditional Chinese medicines for chronic diseases came out, including G46/G92/G184 and other series! In the same year, in order to reduce the labor intensity of pharmacists in pharmacies, the "whole prescription transmission system" for dispensing medicines transmission came out!

In 2014, the "automatic basket dispensing machine/FK18", which is used to associate software and hardware equipment such as rapid medication dispensing machines, intelligent dispensing machines, full prescription transmission systems, and smart medicine baskets in pharmacies, was launched. The emergence of the automatic basket dispensing machine made the equipment Realize closer interconnection, bid farewell to the chimney mode in which devices operate independently of each other

In 2017, the circular "Infusion Finished Product Sorting Machine" with the smallest footprint was launched to meet the needs of users in different usage scenarios and bid farewell to the era of time-consuming and labor-intensive manual sorting; in the same year, the "Distributed Smart Pharmacy" was launched. Mainly used in hospital outpatient and emergency halls, inpatient halls, fever clinics, out-of-hospital community pharmacies, retail pharmacies, supermarkets, stations, subways, airports and other public places. Through the "Internet + distributed smart pharmacy" model, patients can take medicines by themselves. , to relieve the pressure on the hospital pharmacy window;

In 2018, the "Front Desk Dispensing Verification System/AutoCheck" for rechecking drug information at the front desk of pharmacy dispensing was launched. Its emergence not only alleviated the work pressure of manual verification by dispensing teachers, but also ensured the accuracy and safety of dispensing medicine!

In 2020, the "Intelligent Medicine Dispensing System" under the integration of "informatization + automation" will come out, and it has been applied in many tertiary hospitals!

In 2023, the company's brand-new scientific and technological achievements will be appraised as the domestic leading level by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The complete system includes: intelligent boxed medicine dispensing system, secondary intelligent cache system, automatic dosing system, automatic medicine dispensing cache system, automatic transmission system, intelligent analysis software system, etc. The system relies on the powerful Internet of Things technology and big data analysis platform, and the devices are interconnected. It can basically achieve 30-50% of prescription issuance (from the time the medicine enters the hospital to the time the medicine is delivered to the patient) without human participation in the entire process, and can achieve all The whole batch number tracking of medicines and physical inventory management have realized a new leap from "automated pharmacy" to "smart pharmacy"!


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