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From July 7th to 9th, 2023, hosted by the China Association for the Promotion of Human Health Science and Technology, hosted by the Smart Pharmacy Professional Committee of the China Association for the Promotion of Human Health Science and Technology, and the First Affiliated Hospital of the University of Science and Technology of China (Anhui Provincial Hospital) The Academic Annual Meeting of the Smart Pharmacy Professional Committee of the China Human Health Science and Technology Promotion Association and the Smart Pharmacy Construction and Practice Seminar were successfully held in Hefei.



At the opening ceremony on the morning of July 8, participating leaders delivered speeches focusing on hot topics such as pharmaceutical informatization, pharmacy equipment, and health care big data. They discussed and exchanged new developments, new technologies, and new information in related fields of smart pharmacy, and contributed to the gathering of forces from all walks of life to jointly build an academic community. Output, strengthen skills training, realize smart pharmacy information sharing, comprehensively improve the pharmaceutical service and management level of our country's hospitals, and help high-quality development of hospitals put forward a common goal.


Subsequently, Chairman Shen Aizong presided over the launch of the Smart Pharmacy Network. The official release of Wisdom Pharmacy Network.



This annual meeting will be presented in a combination of offline and online formats. The conference consists of five sub-forums, inviting famous domestic pharmaceutical experts, medical experts and management scholars. Ailon Technology participated in the exchange and discussion of sub-forum 1 "New Trends in Intelligent Management of Pharmaceutical Supply Chains".



Experts and scholars at the meeting shared in multiple dimensions, levels, and full coverage: intelligent supply chain model, hospital logistics supply chain management based on SPD model, new trend of pharmaceutical development, integrated smart pharmacy construction, and closed-loop management of the whole process of pharmaceutical supply chain. The pharmaceutical supply chain relies on the intelligent technology, management platform and equipment under the development of cutting-edge science and technology, integrates the professional service knowledge structure of clinical pharmacists, and achieves a smart and mature pharmaceutical supply chain system. In the future, the soft power of smart pharmacy will serve as a multi-element, The multi-level and multi-dimensional pharmacy service system promotes the innovation and development of smart pharmacy in hospitals, contributes to the construction of a healthy China, and provides favorable protection for the health of the whole people.


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Iron-Technology creates an overall solution for the integration of materials in the hospital, realizes resource sharing through intelligent means, improves the efficiency of resource utilization, forms a hospital-wide closed-loop management of materials, reduces the operating costs of medicines and other materials, and provides patients with safe and efficient services. Diagnostic and therapeutic services. The plan integrates material information management systems, automation equipment, and Internet of Things construction to cover the entire life cycle of medicines and other materials circulating in the hospital. Intelligent processing and full-process construction of the storage, transmission, dispensing, and distribution of medicines have been implemented to achieve integrated, flexible series connection at the hospital level.


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