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The "Seminar on the High-quality Development of Nursing Career in the New Era and the 512 Nursing Circles in Xianning and Suzhou to Discuss and Develop Together" was successfully held on May 9, 2023 at the Suzhou Iron-Technology Operation Center. This event brought together outstanding nursing staff, authoritative experts and industry entrepreneurs from Hubei and Suzhou to discuss the topic of high-quality development of nursing in the new era. The conference aims to promote cooperation between medical enterprises, cultivate nursing talents in both places, and seek a bright future for the nursing industry.





Xianning’s “5.12” Outstanding Nurses Commendation



At the solemn and warm awards ceremony, the organizer awarded honorary certificates to outstanding nurses in Xianning City. In recognition of their self-denial, dedication, love for their jobs, and unremitting work spirit in ordinary positions; it also inspires every participant present.


Outstanding nurse representatives revisit Nightingale’s Oath


Talking about the future together: high-quality development of nursing industry



During the seminar, elites in the nursing field shared their insights and forward-looking discussions on the nursing field. They had extensive exchanges on the trend of medical and health reform, conducted in-depth discussions from multiple aspects such as medical, business, and technology, and advocated close cooperation between medical enterprises to jointly inject impetus into the innovative development of the nursing industry. It is recommended that in the process of medical and health reform, policies should be implemented to optimize the quality of medical and nursing services and be driven by innovation to elevate the development of nursing to a new level.

Finally, Wang Xiuqun, deputy director of the Jiayu County People's Congress, and Zhang Weifen, secretary-general of the Dushu Alliance, signed a "Letter of Intent for Cooperation."



Fresh! Iron New Experience Center New Experience



After the seminar, the participants visited the smart ward experience center on the 8th floor of the Ailon Technology Operations Center Building and the smart pharmacy and smart logistics experience center on the 9th floor. The 6,000-square-meter experience center displays integrated solutions throughout the area, covering the three major sectors of smart pharmacy, smart ward, and smart logistics, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the process of "an enterprise creates an industry and leads the development of the industry." Ai Long Technology's advanced technical concepts and forward-looking intelligent solutions won unanimous praise from the participants.








Dialogue on career planning and share entrepreneurial experience



In order to promote nurses to make greater progress in career planning and personal ability improvement, Ms. Zhou Ping, Chairman of Jiangsu Renxian Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Ms. Chen Fei, Chairman of Suzhou Herui Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Ms. Zhang Yinhua of Suzhou Iron - Technology Co., Ltd. shared their career plans and entrepreneurial path as nurses.



Experts and practicing nurses with rich practical experience share their thoughts: Specialties develop scientific research capabilities, improve nursing standards and enhance personal core competitiveness. They taught targeted methods and know-how through vivid case analysis and interactive communication, which were unanimously welcomed and recognized by the participants.



The friendship between Xianning and Suzhou shows that the original intention remains unchanged



Xianning held in-depth exchanges with Suzhou nurse representatives to promote interactive sharing of information and experience and enhance cooperation between the two places. Representatives expressed that this networking event deepened mutual understanding and provided a source of impetus for innovative cooperation between the two parties. The participants’ full enthusiasm and in-depth exchanges painted a bright future for the high-quality development of the nursing industry.

The entire event is in full swing, with all parties working together to promote the transformation of nursing from quantitative to qualitative changes. We firmly believe that driven by the combination of medical enterprises and nursing, the nursing industry will be full of vitality and contribute to building a healthy China. Let us go hand in hand to realize the vision of a better development of the nursing industry in the cooperation between medical enterprises.

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Nurses who give their all to healthcare


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